Engagement Planners: The Only Way to Get a Bridezilla to Say YES!


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The proposal is one of the biggest days of your life and you never saw it coming. All you ask for is your guy to make you feel like you’ve never felt before. To give you that wow factor. That feeling that’s so jarring, it almost makes your heart hurt, but in the non-heart attack hurts-oh-so-good kind of way.

And one that makes your friends more jealous of you than they’ve been in their lives.

Is that too much to ask?

engagement proposal

No, it’s not. We guys know your engagement is a magical moment that you’ll remember and brag about forever. Trust us, we want to deliver that awe-inspiring, knees shaking, oh my god! tear-filled moment.

But sometimes, we just don’t know how.

When the pressure is on and we don’t want our Groomzilla to show through until the time is right, what’s a guy supposed to do? Call in the professional proposal planner. An emerging trend in event planning services is wedding engagement planning, where the groom-to-be hires an event coordinator to focus on all the little stuff to make the most out of this big moment.

I know what some of you zillas are thinking. Does your engagement magical moment pack the same punch if your man hired outside help?

Melissa Phillips of Simply Perfect by Melissa says, "You bet it does!" Melissa is a seasoned wedding planner who started her Simply Proposal service in 2009, and says that with every couple she’s worked with, the bride-to-be is more than excited that her man put in the time and effort to create such a truly special moment.

simply perfect by melissa

So what is the engagement planning process?

With each new client, Melissa interviews the future fiancé to find out the nitty-gritty. What are his hobbles? What does the couple like to do together? Does she expect "over the top" or "down to earth?"

Engagement Planner Spy

When it comes down to the proposal, don’t think of it as a covert spy mission with secret service ear pieces feeding your man lines from across the room.

Engagement planners like Melissa stick to the scheduling tasks – making dinner reservations and scheduling transportation. Most of the time these nervous proposers meet with Melissa because they have a plan, but no clue how to pull it off – like proposing at sunset on the Empire State Building with the bride-to-be’s family secretly waiting in the crowd… or taking her to the beach with "Will You Marry Me" written in the sand, at sunset. Or whisking her to Paris and having the flight attendant ask the big question over the intercom. At sunset. Of course.

Obviously, engagement planners aren’t for every guy with a turquoise box in his pocket. The Simply Proposal service from Simply Perfect by Melissa typically works with urban, professional males in the Chicago area looking to spend $75,000 on their wedding, but her services start at $500 dollars. You can find engagement planners like Melissa Phillips in major market areas across the country.

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  1. “Will you marry me?” in the sand is so unique. I’ve got to love them. Thanks for sharing this article.


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