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Masquerade party wedding reception

Masquerade party wedding reception

There are a lot of traditions associated with weddings, and doubtless you’ll horrify someone if you don’t stick with at least the most common of them. Fortunately, there’s plenty of room for creativity and interest in the reception, which is much less proscribed. All you need to have a great reception is a good answer to each of these questions:

  • What form is the music going to come in?  (Yes, you do have to have music.)
  • Is there enough space for people to dance?
  • Is there a place for the bride and groom to stand up in front of everyone?
  • Do you have a photographer arranged? (Yes, you must have a photographer.)
  • Is there a safe and entertaining place for the kids to run around?
  • Is there room for the food, and a safe place to eat it?
  • Do you have a bad-weather plan (if the reception is outdoors)?

Take care of those details, and everything else is under your creative control. With that in mind, check out some of these fantastic wedding reception ideas:

The Masquerade Reception

Masquerades are odd events, flavor-wise — they often call up images of “Eyes Wide Shut”-style oddities, but the fact is that a modern masquerade is basically an excuse for a bunch of adults to dress up in funny costumes and occasionally act like jackasses without shame. The last masquerade we attended had everything from Tigger to Shakespeare to a trio of black-winged, black-leather-clad angels with whips and ‘Legion of Badass Angels’ (temporary) tattoos. It was a blast.

The Faerie Reception

This is an excellent reception idea that also happens to be quite inexpensive. An expansive garden space, lined with icicle-style Christmas lights, with all of the awkward items (the one we were at had a huge transformer right at the edge of the dance floor) covered nicely in a simple fabric throw. The bride’s family scoured garage sales for weeks, bought every vase they could find, and painted them all a soft silver-blue — it added a lot of value for a cheap afternoon’s project. A dozen rented bubble machines polished off the effect, providing an ethereal feel to the whole event.

The Hollywood Glamour Reception

Hollywood wedding reception

This is great for an indoor reception, particularly if you can rent an appropriate locale. Think Marilyn Monroe meets “Mad Men.” Dress up your cameraman and have him spend at least a little while with an old-school camera and a HUGE flashbulb. Lots of champagne flutes (even if it’s just Martinelli’s), big band music, and (because it was a popular ‘throwback’ in the 60s) Roaring Forties style dresses for the bridal party will complete the illusion.

The Chocolate Reception

This one is easy as (Boston Cream) pie. Start collecting chocolates from the exotic to the ordinary, and lay them out on every flat surface you can find.  Add in some chocolate fondue, preferably in fountain form, and preferably at least three (dark, milk, and white). Don’t go so far as to dress anyone in brown, though — keep the theme where it belongs: in the food.

Themes can go as far as you want. From little details in the décor to asking guests to participate in full, there is a wide spectrum of options available depending on how extreme you want to run with an idea. And as always – remember, it’s your wedding.

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