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If there’s one thing Bridezillas are famous for, it’s for incorporating wedding traditions with a modern twist! This next lesson in the Bridezilla Finishing School is no exception. Below we’ll learn the traditional gift category for the first 5 anniversaries, along with a clever modern gift idea based on each. Read on to put your gift-giving worries to rest.

First Anniversary
Traditional Gift: Paper.
Bridezilla Modern Pick:A Celestial Celebration Map.
The only thing he’ll love more than origami lingerie for your paper anniversary? A map of the moon, stars, constellations from a special night, like your first date, your wedding, or your anniversary itself! What could be sweeter than a framed map with an inscription like “The Galaxies above the night I met my love.” Less cheesy than naming a star after him and less trippy than getting your zodiac compatibility charted, this sexy fusion of science and sentiment will have your Groomzilla in your arms faster than you can say “correct depictions of the positions of celestial objects.”

Second Anniversary
Traditional Gift: Cotton
Bridezilla Modern Pick: A Custom-made Egyptian Cotton Dress Shirt.
Nothing defines a man of the world like a perfectly tailored dress shirt. Egyptian cotton sheets are the obvious gift for the second anniversary, so why not turn it up a notch and give him the sleek comfort of Egyptian Cotton all day long with this special gift? Like all Bridezilla’s favorite gifts, this one combines an activity and a present, so don’t forget to go along for support and fabric selection while your man gets measured for his designer duds. A great unique present he will love, but would never have thought of for himself? Absolutely Bridezilla!

Third Anniversary
Traditional Gift: Leather
Bridezilla Modern Pick: The Prada Robot Keychain
How cleverly masculine is this little robot keychain? The definition of “geek chic,” you’ll love the name brand panache this Prada trinket provides, and he’ll love never losing his keys again. Stylish and useful? Third Anniversary worthy, indeed!

Fourth Anniversary
Traditional Gift:
Fruit and Flowers
Bridezilla Modern Pick: Subscription to Pie of the Month Club.
Finding a fella-friendly fruit and flowers anniversary gift was a formidable challenge, but Bridezilla rose to the occasion! By now your guy’s probably had his fill of fashion-related anniversary gifts, so rock his world with another kind of filling entirely: a toasty pie, full of yummy fruit compotes and more, delivered each month! Needless to say, most Bridezilla’s aren’t known for stove-slaving, so this will cater to his Suzy Homemaker fantasies without you having to endanger your manicure. Happy Anniversary to you both! And yes, you should wait until the day after to surprise with him with the accompanying gym membership.

The Fifth Anniversary
Traditional Gift: Wood
Bridezilla’s Modern Pick: Super-chic 3-in-1 Game Board.
The couple that plays backgammon, chess and checkers together, stays together, says an Old Chinese Proverb and Bridezilla. We at the marriage mothership consider the 5th Anniversary the Mother of Anniversaries, so why not get him this elegant mother of pearl three-in-one board game to commemorate the big day?With classy black paneling and a compact, multi-faceted design, this baby puts Milton and Bradley to shame!

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