Monday Bridezilla Bites


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New wedding bling-related goal: beat Eva Longoria’s 107 diamond ring, or just sit back and admire her cougar-in-progress conquest of a guy seven years her junior.
Of course you should never judge a book by its cover, but feel free to judge a beauty product by its name – especially when it comes from the lauded Lush. Brazened Honey sounds just like something that belongs on a Bridezilla’s shelf, and it works well enough to guarantee a spot in our pre-wedding primping product lineup.
How many couples got married on 7/07/07? Rough estimate: lots.
We love the idea of a “Be In Our Wedding Party” party – in fact, we love anything where the party aspect is important enough to be mentioned twice. Weddings By Socialites has a lovely idea for combining party-parties with another of our favorite things, wine tastings (alright, we tend to favor drinkings over tastings). It’s a fabulous excuse to enjoy fine wines and get the bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts passed out.

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