All Bridezilla Wants for Christmas: Stocking Stuffers and Sweet Surprises


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All bridezilla wants for Christmas? Well, we have our two-front teeth (knock on wood). But nothing thaws our icy ‘zilla hearts faster than a stocking stuffed full of goodies. Stockings bring back the magic of Christmas morning. We suggest you put Oprah’s list of favorite (expensive) things straight into the yule log fire. These bridezilla tested and approved items make fabulous stocking stuffers for every lady on your list – guaranteed.

Soak Wash: Dainties Hung on the Shower Rod with Care

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Soak wash is gentle shampoo for delicate fabrics. When we first saw soak, we peered at the bright bottle with the same skepticism we typically reserve for events like … Heidi and Spencer’s marriage. Laundry is so not our thing. Not even the promise of bubbles could cure our disdain for color coding, matching socks, and the ultimate evil: hand – washing.

Or so we thought. With soak, a gentle and rinse-free wash, you can hand wash dainties and fine fibers in a matter of minutes. No rinse-repeat, rinse-repeat, give-up-flustered-because-there-are-still-bubbles cycle. Our delicate bras got a bath in soak and came out smelling like “the scent of celebration.” Celebration indeed: Soak didn’t convert us to a laundry lover for life (an impossible feat), but it got everything squeaky clean in under 20 minutes. Bridezilla bonus tip: Every lady could use a bottle of this stuff. Especially after shopping the upcoming Victoria’s Secret Annual Sale. Her underthings will last longer and she can try it out on her softest sweaters and quilts.

Bridezilla Raises the Bar: Super Soaps, Sponges, and Exfoliators

When wintertime arrives in full flurry, most of us could use a little exfoliation. Dry, crackly skin and chapped lips take the hot kiss out of New Year’s Eve. With the Sisal soap bag from Eden Home and the Milled Shea Butter Soap, her skin can be soft as the New Years baby’s butt (sorry, couldn’t resist). When bath time is over, drop the soap in and pull the cords for easy soap storage.The exfoliator doubles as a soap holder, so she’ll never have to fish that sliver of soap out of the drain again.

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We’re crazy about Sea Wool sponges. The evil economy slashed our spa budget in half. No manis, no pedis, and definitely no seaweed wraps of any kind. Really, we’re fine (sniffle). This sea wool sponge reminds us of the spa every morning. It’s hypo-allergenic and soft as silk against our skin. Bridezilla bonus tip: When it comes to stocking surprises, think outside those scented soaps and lotions from Bath and Body. Like anyone needs more of those. Trust us, she’d rather lather in luxury with a sea wool sponge.

Read on for more stocking stuffers after the break!

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Bridezilla Star

Is she a glorified member of the glitterati? In other words, does she have nine pairs of silvery strappy sandals, flashy filigrees on every finger, and at least one sequined gold belt? Light up her life with lustrous ornaments. Brilliant! If she’s a bridezilla and this is her first Christmas with groomzilla, check out this personalized photo Christmas ornament from WeddingStand. Can it get any cuter? Actually yes. This heart-shaped ornament suits bridezillas who can’t cram a tree into their studio apartment.

Twinkle, twinkle, bridezilla starlet. Nothing gleams quite like an ornament from Grandmas love Swarovski ornaments. Sisters love them. Even your monster mother-in-law will love them. And any bridezilla will positively beam with the Swarovski crystal collection made for the bride.

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