New Bridal Guide Save-the-Date Widget Books for You!


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Save-the-Date Widget provided by Bridal Guide

Ooooh,aaah! For once, Bridezilla’s avatar does her justice! Ahem. Additionally, you should check out this fun save-the-date widget from Bridal Guide. This widget works exactly like traditional snail mail save-the-dates, except awesome-er. For example, after “opening” this groovy customized save-the-date, all guestzillas have to do is click “add to my calendar” and their calendars will automatically update with the date of your wedding. It’s set up to work on pretty much any calendar system including Ical, Google Calendar, and Facebook. Pretty cool huh? Plus, this will aid infinitely with the age-old problem of getting guests to RSVP.
This is one of the more unique widgets we’ve seen in a while, not only in concept, but in customization options. The fun comes when you get to pick your hairstyle, your eye color, and your haircolor, and then do the same for your groom! The result is something much more special and useful than your average countdown clock…and of course, we can’t resist anything that comes with a tiara!

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