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He, Adam. You, Eve. As a Bridezilla, you have plenty of forbidden fruit-laden thoughts on how to while away your newlywed days with dreamy idyll. Grape cluster anyone?

But private paradises require plush amenities, as any Bridezilla knows. Let your guests contribute to your blissed-out future by purchasing you a wedding gift from Eden Home.

Bed, Bath, and Bridezilla

Eden Home specializes in organic, natural, and eco-friendly furnishings for your home and life. What makes these products Bridezilla worthy is that they are the perfect blend of green and glam. Sleep in sumptuous seas of organic bedding, bathe in decadent natural bath products, and then wrap your gorgeous Bridezilla body in fluffy organic towels.

As Bridezillas, we were naturally drawn to the organic diamond bath towels. Putting the dingy Target variety to shame, these amazing beauties are 100% Turkish organic Begama cotton from the Aegean sea region. Each towel is hand-loomed by master weavers in Bursa Turkey using a 300-year-old traditional method. The best part? The more you wash them, the softer they become!

The moral?A life of pristine pampering can be easily plucked with Eden home organic home furnishings. Because even forbidden fruits should be pesticide-free.

Bridezilla Bonus Tip: Paradise waits for no Bridezilla.Create your wishlist today at Eden Home!

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