Turn the Key and Save Big on Vera Wang Dinnerware


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skeleton key.gifBridezilla can never keep a secret. In a few seconds you are going to be very, very glad that you know us (as if you weren’t already). Bridezilla recently received … drum roll please….
A key to a secret shopping paradise! *Cue applause.* Since we puffy-heart our readers, we’re bestowing the key onto other fashion-obsessed bridezillas. Rue La La is an invitation-only online shopping community of luxury brand, private sale boutiques that are only open for two days at a time.
Until this day, we admired the Manhattan sample sales from a distance, hoping for a mere glimpse of the goods inside. Rue La La’s members have access to prices and luxury items that at one time, only fashion insiders were privy to.

The Key:
Go to: www.ruelala.com; select: “Invited by a Member”; Enter this e-mail address as your key to get in: [email protected]

If unlocking secret sales isn’t enough to make you want to join RueLaLa, we have more good news: Members can see accepted invitations and earn a $10 credit every time one of their referrals makes their first purchase.
And RueLaLa.com is hosting a Vera Wang Dinnerware Boutique this week! The boutique runs from November 6th at 11:00 am (EST) through November 8th at 12:00 pm (EST). Current season merchandise will be available at up to 80% off retail prices.
No longer does bridezilla have to stand with our nose pressed up against the window as a fashion outsider. Finally we can say, “see you at the sample sale” in our squeakiest Carrie Bradshaw voice.

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