On Vixen: Vampy Holiday Lingerie for Bold Bridezillas


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Mistletoe? So middle school! Put the whipcream on his eggnog this year with a festive little lingerie pick from the ever-frisky Bridezilla.com! If you’ve done the trench coat, the Mrs. Claus suit and the jingle bell bra, you’re ready to take holiday cheer to a classy new level. Let’s start shopping!

Budget Bridezillas: Affinitas Intimates is frugal and foxy

French lingerie is all the rage (as always), so if you want to do your best Giselle impression this holiday without having to fork out the supermodel’s beloved euros, get your French fix from Affinitas Intimates instead. The company was generous enough to send us a sample of their Alice set, and we were very impressed with the sheer comfort and sexy extras you don’t usually find in less-expensive lingerie. We loved the Alice set for it’s special jewels, foxy lace, and second-skin fit that made us feel sexy all day! At $15 dollars for the boy shorts and $25 for the bra, this is a hot holiday lingerie option that still leaves money for optional props like a puppy, a tub of frosting, and dueling harmonicas(hey, whatever floats your boat!). Check out the full line here.

Cozy-sexy lingerie for a come-hither Christmas morning

After a knock-down, drag-out lovefest, go mellow Christmas morning with this cutely sexy set from WeddingStand. The sparkly boy shorts and boyfriend tank brilliantly detract from your mussed hair and smudged eyeliner, so don accordingly. The glimmer or rhinestones will reflect the twinkle in his eye when he looks at his beloved brideizlla, and you’ll be comfy enough for a relaxed day of Christmas canoodling on the couch. Hot buttered rums and a Bing Crosby CD recommended but not required.

Baby, it’s hot in here. Enjoy a steamy holiday season and be snug as two turtledoves with Bridezilla’s brilliant holiday lingerie spectacular!

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