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buxom1.jpg36D – 25 – 37…the measurements of Marilyn Monroe. While she may have been blessed with the hourglass figure many women wish they had, it comes with a curse. According to Christine Kurek founder of Buxom Inc.., it’s nearly impossible to find sexy sleepwear that fits full-busted, average-sized women, like Marilyn Monroe, Jessica Simpson, or Scarlett Johansson.
“Most people assume that if the bust line is fuller than the rest must be fuller. I’ve been a D-cup since high school, but I wear a size eight pants. When I try on plus-size tops, I’m wading in fabric.” Rather than forever avoiding the dressing room, an emboldened Kurek created a line of sexy sleepwear for C-cup and above.

The Beginning of Buxom Inc.

Out of pure shopping frustration, Kurek left a cushy attorney job and started Buxom Inc. earlier this year. The Buxom Inc. line features built-in cups and liner bras, elasticized backs, and adjustable straps for fit and comfort. “The cups are bigger, there’s more coverage, and it’s made in a way that nothing spills out.” Kurek explains.

Buxom Bridezilla: Your Cups Shall Not Run Over

With the Buxom Inc. line, busty brides won’t want to cower under the covers on their honeymoon.knot chemise.jpg “Our sleepwear features liner bras, elasticized backs, and adjustable straps for fit and comfort.” The Knot chemise, their most popular item features a flattering silhouette and much-need support. Made from 100% silk charmeuse, the Knot comes in red, black, silver, and breathtaking floral prints. According to Kurek, it will soon be available in all white, “perfect for the wedding night, ” she insists. Move over Marilyn!
A few of Kurek’s favorite things for bosomy bridezillas: the ruffle one-strap cami; the winter white lounge pants with lace trim; the red silk Boyfriend nightshirt; the faux wrap cami; and of course, the aforementioned Knot chemise. Although Kurek doesn’t foresee designing anything but sleepwear, she explains that a lot of her items have cross-over potential. That is, they can be worn with jeans outside in a casual setting and to bed.

Buxom Inc. Mentioned in InStyle Magazine

It has been quite a year for Kurek. In August 2008, InStyle Magazine mentioned Buxom Inc. – a major accomplishment for a line that’s less than a year old. Although Kurek is proud of her achievements, she hasn’t them go to her head. “I just want every woman to feel her best. I don’t think you have to wear Prada to be in style.” Amen to that.

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