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For the one who navigates winter with a frosty beauty and regal elegance, only a gift fit for a Snow Queen will do! Whether sledding through the snow or curled up by the fire, the Snow Queen always manages to look like a Dr. Zhivago extra with her furry fashion and flawless winter makeup. For gifts to incur favor from the Queen, read on!

Snowflakes that stay on your nose and eyelashes

The Snow Queen is no stranger to sparkle. She’s received every sparkly scarf, shoe and picture frame in the book. So for a look as fresh as first snow, dazzle her with these Shu Uemura Illumi-Decor lashes.

The perfect twist on tired winter sparkles, these chic false eyelashes are cunningly studded with pieces of iridescent sequins. Add some glitter to that eyelash flutter, and give the Snow Queen a stunning little gift she can use for many winters to come with this foxy find.

Snow White, Rose Red

No cozy winter is complete without some tunes to crank as the snow patters outside. The Snow Queen is way too sophisticated for the average corny Christmas music-she likes her chipmunks where she can see them. Never fear, Bridezilla has the perfect holiday soundtrack for your Snow White, Rose Red beauty queen. Here’s two picks for those who like their roses velvety-or thorny.

Tori Amos Live at Montreux 1991-1992
Released just this year, this fascinating portrayal of the flame-haired songtress chronicles the arc of Amos’s career in this two-concert series. The first features her earth-shattering Little EarthQuakes breakout music, and the second is just a few months later. Tori Amos is a gripping performer, and her gorgeous, almost gutteral lyrics are the perfect music to wrap gifts by or address wedding invitation on a wintry night in. Classics include “Precious Things,” “Leather,” and um “Winter,” Ok, it’s not the most creative choice, but still amazing. Don’t believe us? Warm up to Tori with this beautiful winter video for “Sleeps with Butterflies” below:

The Pierces: Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge
If you like your roses a little on the prickly side, look no further than the sultry, swingin’ tunes of The Pierces. How much do we love this spooky homeschooled twosome from Alabama? Infinity! From “Lights on” to “Turn on Billie” this is the perfect music to get a Snow Queen in a festive mood, or, as the Pierces lyrics go “paint the town blue cuz baby red is so passe.” Melt a snow queen with this cheeky-charming music pick from The Pierces.

Ice Candy for her Winter Wedding

The average veil will never do for a wintry Bridezilla. Draw inspiration from these statuesque crystal headpieces on display at a holiday gala at Galeries Lafayette, Paris. We love how the arc of the sparkly rocks seems to mimic ic-flocked branches. Here’s an equally stunning (though slightly less towering) option from Etsy.
More great Snow Queen picks after the break, so read on….

The fog comes on little cat feet.

Going to the Nutcracker? No. Channeling the Nutcracker through some chic ballet slippers? Yes. If your Snow Queen is still stomping around the house in some Sasquatch-looking Steve Madden furry slippers from the ’90’s, upgrade your gorgeous goddess with these dainty kitten sweaterfit ballet slippers from Victoria’s Secret. One of our absolute favorite picks for holiday 2008 gifts, these slippers are amazing because they are both slim and snuggly. From the brilliant Victoria’s Secret Soft collection, you’ll get a standing ovation when you buy your Snow Queen these beautiful, snuggly little ballet slippers. Just be sure to dodge any hurled roses.

Lollipop, lollipop, oooh lolli-lolli pop

Bridezilla Bonus Tip: Lollipops are the new cupcakes. Fact! Get in on this confectious trend when you buy your Snow Queen this darling lollipop pendant from Tiffany. You can’t go wrong with the brilliant blue box for a Snow Queen, and at a cool $115 price tag, this charm is much reasonable than the usual Tiffany ice. Pairs perfectly with a party dress or some sexy white lingerie, so don accordingly and get down to a dirty version of Candyland with your Groomzilla (We have no idea either. Be creative!)

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