Calling All Bridezillas: Win Free Jewelry for Your Bridesmaids at Silverland Jewelry


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bridezilla 48816173488_977557_163.jpgA flurry of excitement surrounds the holidays: window shopping hand-in-hand with your future groomzilla, feasting on chocolate confections, hiding your holiday pounds under a bulky sweater.

But the holidays aren’t so joyous for bridezillas who have to buy bridesmaid gifts on top of holiday presents for their nearest and dearest. We hear you! However, even if you’re strapped for cash or shopping hungover, you still have to get your bridesmaids something.

Bridezilla: Get Your Facebook Game Face On

Don’t show up to the last bridesmaid gathering empty handed or you’ll risk a bridesmaid mutiny. Do try to win sparkling bridesmaid jewelry at Silverland Jewelry. We promise, it’s easy. All you have to do is become friends with Silverland Jewelry on the Silverland Jewelry Facebook page. Get the dazzlin’ contest deets here.

Winners get a two-part set (earrings, necklace or bracelet: pick two) for each of their three bridesmaids, and winners can choose the
bridesmaid set from the Silverland Jewelry bridal sets. Winners will be chosen randomly from the list of Facebook friends on December 12. Gemtastic!

We promise, even with their new sparkling jewelry, your bridesmaids won’t out shine you. Let us know if you’re one of the winners. Good luck.

PS. Silverland’s Amanda collection is absolutely gorgeous. But of course, we’re partial to the name. Wink.

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  1. i dont know how you can put some rude women on this show and you play the same bitches over and over and over and over again. tv is bad enough that we see the same movies and tv shows over and over and over and over. the women on your show are the most miserble people and they treat their men like dirt… i am single and staying that way, because i will never be a BRIDEZILLA


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