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Bridesmaids Movie

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My Groomzilla Review of Bridesmaids

I got a chance to take my fiancée to a sneak preview of Bridesmaids and I came away with mixed emotions.

I have to admit, the trailers for the movie Bridesmaids are awful. Trust me, I’ve seen them all. They stink. Even stink is an understatement. When you compare those trailers to the actual quality of the film, they’re the equivalent of a cat peeing all over a white-hot hibachi.

Why is this Groomzilla so angry about the commercials for a chick flick? Because Bridesmaids is a DAMN. GOOD. MOVIE.

Probably the funniest movie of the year. I honestly cried from laughter. It truly delivered on everything from a star studded cast and a fantastic female lead to a plethora of well-timed BJ and diarrhea jokes.

I’m not even a Kristen Wiig fan. I kind of cringe every time she’s on SNL because she always seems to play odd-ball sketch characters that either have a mild facial deformity or can’t control the volume of their voice. That’s why it was so refreshing to see her act like a normal human being. She has great timing, and it was really fun to see her and Maya Rudolph flex their comedic chops without any censorship.

Bridesmaids Isn’t for Everyone

Bridesmaids Movie

By all means, Bridesmaids is far more dick-flick than rom-com. While there isn’t any nudity, the movie opens with a creepy Jon Hamm taking it to Wiig like a jackrabbit, and it pretty much goes from there. It’s not all low-brow humor, but most of the jokes involve swearing, vomiting or sexually explicit hand motions, and there are enough f-bombs to keep this comedy out of the broadcast TV movie lineup for the next 50 years.

I think what really grinds my gears about Bridesmaids is how some executive at Universal decided to make it a personal quest to advertise the funniest movie of the summer as a coming of age chick flick mixed with the stench of Bride Wars. Literally, most of the scenes in the trailer didn’t even make it into the final cut.

Worst of all, when I tell all my friends to see Bridesmaids because it really is a good movie, they all think I’m stupid or a liar. Now that I’ve totally over sold this movie, you don’t have to take my word for it. Those Universal execs already figure if you’re getting married this summer, you were going to see it anyway.

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