Bridezilla and MIL: Match Made in Heaven or Hell?


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Finding Mr. Right thankfully didn’t involve an epic search for me. Meeting him was like walking into a shoe store and immediately finding the perfect glittery sandal, then finding out it was on sale. We share a love of Conan O’Brien, boston terriers, and fancy restaurants. Match made in heaven! And then I met his mother…
Sound like you? It’s every bridezilla! There’s something about wedding planning that brings out the monster in our mother-in-laws. She’s the sweetest lady, baking you cookies, inviting you on family vacations, and then dear son puts a ring on your finger. Suddenly, she transforms into the MIL from hell almost overnight.
Are the two of you destined to be peas in a pod or fire and ice? In honor of Mother’s Day, check out the’s Mother in Law Matcher Tool.

Bridezilla (Capricorn) and MILzilla (Virgo).

Where we click:

She’ll appreciate the fact that her son married someone so similar to her.” Uh oh. Did I marry a momma’s boy?
Your down-to-earth values resonate with her at a core level.” Down to earth values? *Snort* I’m a bridezilla. She can keep her down-to-earth values.

Where we clash:

There are too many cooks in the kitchen. Capricorn and Virgo like to be in charge and insist on having things done just so.” So true. When it comes to my wedding, I want things done my way. Why can’t mother-in-laws understand this?
Capricorn springs for sophisticated styles from high-end design houses. You won’t appreciate her trying to put a doily over your “Design Within Reach” coffee table. She’ll think your spending habits are snobbish and exorbitant.” So accurate, it’s almost scary. If my mother-in-law dared to doily my coffeetable, she would never be invited back. Good thing she knows this.
What did the match tool reveal for you? Let us know if you and your MIL are a match made in heaven or hell!

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