Bridezilla Badges: A Bachelorette Party Craft!


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Tired of penis necklaces, cheap veils and tacky t-shirts alerting other bar patrons to your bridal party? Try creating these unique badges that not only let bartenders know that body shots are in order, but are a unique twist on your last night out as a single gal.

Bachelorette Party Badges
Clear glue sticks/Glue gun
Blank/empty (pop apart) buttons (found at any craft store)
Decorations (flowers, rhinestones, glitter)
Cardstock or scrapbook paper
Pens, fabric paints, glitter glue, anything that writes words
1.) Use blank button or paper insert in button to trace onto the back of desired cardstock or scrapbook paper for background. Cut out circles.
2.) Write on badge title first, either in pens, paints (add in drying time!) or blood.
3.) If you have a pop apart button and wish to decorate with rhinestones or glitter, do so now, since once the party gets going, those are the first things to either pop off or rub off. Once glue is hardened, put button back together.
4.) Measure out ribbon and decorate as desired. For a double layered effect, use 2 inch wide ribbon, fold in half and glue fold to back of the button. Be sure to work around a half inch at a time, letting the glue harden. For ruffle effect, use 1inch wide ribbon, fold in half and attach to the side of the button. To start, glue 1inch down and fold back 1/2 inch, glue down, glue down 1 inch, fold back 1/2 inch, glue down and so on, all the way around.
5.) To make tails, cut ribbon to desired size and attach with glue after attaching any ribbon on the sides.
6.) Add any additional adornments after the ribbon has been attached (i.e. flowers, jewels, plastic naughty trinkets.)
Done! Pass out to the bridal party and get started!
Need some badges titles?
Try these:
Bride (duh)
M.O.H. (Maid of Honor) will prompt single young steeds to ask what it means
Bridesmaid (helps alert bartenders to who’s buying)
Token Brunette (you always need one to balance out the blondes and figure out the tab)
Designated Driver (hey, someone’s gotta do it and it’s cheaper than a cab)
Well Wisher (not in the bridal party, but loves to drink)
Bimbo Blonde (used as bait to lure unsuspecting guys to the Bride)
S. to B. S.-in-L. (Soon to Be Sister-in-Law: this title resembles Greek and therefore, she will have her pick of the frat boys.)

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