Losing your Bridezilla Virginity: Surviving One's First Encounter


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Just because we’ve been there doesn’t mean we don’t sympathize with women that haven’t! Here are a few words of wisdom for your friends and family to help them survive their first Bridezilla encounter, and live to tell about it (anonymously of course!).
1. It’ll all be over soon. Well, soon being relative to when the wedding is. Well, they only get one wedding, so it’s not like you’ll have to live through it again.
2. It’ll be you someday. If they’re the first of your friends to get married, they may well not understand what it’s like. That’s okay. Someday, they might. If they’re guys that’s probably not true, but maybe they’ll have a bridezilla of their own. Revel in the inner peace granted by knowing that while you may not understand their freakish bridezilla behavior now, someday demanding hand-shellacked napkins will seem personally sensible.

3. It’s necessary. If she doesn’t have control over her wedding, who will? She’s got more power in her engagement ring finger than a brigade of wedding planners, so more power to her!
4. If you help her, she will love you forever. Even though she want to have control over everything, she still knows that any good executive is only as good as her staff. If you can actually succeed in following her invitations to the letter, you’ll have a friend for life.
5. It’ll be worth it to be part of the best wedding ever. Say what you want about bridezillas, but they know how to throw a grand affair, and as a wedding party member, you’ll get to enjoy her hard work first hand! When she’s walking down the aisle in that god-it’s-perfect gown, you’ll know you’ve done everything you can to make this one of the best days of her life, and she’ll know it too. Ultimately there’ll be nothing more satisfying than the beautiful ceremony and reception that you’ve helped orchestrate. It may very well be the best wedding you’ll ever attend!
They still may not understand completely, but they will by the end. In the meantime, make sure they know they’re appreciated, and that you don’t go so wild you forget the people most important to you. They’re the ones who’ll be with you for the big payoff, after all.

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