Bridezilla Ballot: Where do you get your best wedding planning inspiration?


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little kids.jpgAs you know, I’ve been engaged for approximately 5 days 12 hours 46 minutes, which in Bridezilla years means just enough time to exhaustively comb the entire blogosphere and beyond for juicy wedding ideas. Sure we run a bridal blog for a living, but I’m not leaving any stone, gem or jewel uncovered when it comes to planning my wedding, so I had to see what was out there.

And I have to say, the results have been pretty surprising. Normally I believe that in the modern age, shopping is best done in your bathrobe ( a cute one though, not a ratty one). I firmly feel that Shop Style, Amazon and Etsy are a girl’s second-best friend. But when it comes to wedding planning, the internet seems so saturated with hit-and-miss material that I have actually turned instead to the dog-eared confidante of my tear-stained teen years-glossy magazines.

It seems to me that glossy bridal magazines do the hard work of honing through all the internet garbage to find the very best stuff a Bridezilla needs. In magazines like InStyle Weddings and Modern Bride, I found a treasure trove of gorgeously-arrayed information and really appreciated not having to weed through a bunch of link farms and parked pages to find what I was looking for. (We also have yet to venture into any bridal forums, for fear of never, ever coming up for air. But, are these a good resource? Do tell! )

Even the local directories of wedding services, such as The Knot and MyWedding I found disappointing. I don’t need someone to notify me there are sixty-three bridal shops in Seattle. I know there are sixty-three bridal shops in Seattle-that is my problem! Sure a directory is a round-up of wedding services, but I’m a busy Bridezilla so I really can’t be bothered weeding through every florist and fireman stripper in town-I need the best of the best at my fingertips. That’s where bridal magazines have saved the day. On the downside, our condo looks like a recycling center. Oh well:)

Other than that, my most valuable resources have been my Bridezilla besties. But even then, this is mostly in terms of happiness and support, because when it comes to wedding planning, a Bridezilla’s preferences are so personal, it’s much harder to go by than the tried-and-true friend referrals you rely on so faithfully for nail polish recs and Netflix queue updates.
So, I’m curious, am I alone? Where do you find your best wedding planning information? Take our poll below, and then please list specific sites, magazines, blogs etc in the comments. Thanks luvies!

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  1. I planned most of my wedding on referrals, from photography to flowers. Be warned: you will get totally unsolicited advice too! Some helpful, mostly not.


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