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With Dubai’s increasing relevance as a wedding and honeymoon destination, it was only a matter of time before our eye turned towards the U.A.E. for a non-traditional honeymoon location. What can we say, we like the idea of shopping malls with ski slopes, 72 degree seawater in winter, and streets lined with gold – oh yes, believe it.

What you need to know about Dubai:
Dubai’s not the place for a summer honeymoon, with temperatures climbing well into the hundreds and couple with high humidity. From September to May, however, Dubai’s the temperate cosmopolitan destination if you’re seeking a unique travel experience that has nearly everything you could want as a tourist, from gorgeous sights to fabulous shopping.
Where you need to stay:
The Burj Al Arab Hotel: The 2007 World Travel Awards called the Burj Al Arab the best hotel in the world; do you really want to downgrade from that? For dessert, we recommend the mini three-tiered chocolate fountain, in fact, we recommend it for every meal of the day while you’re there.
What to see:
The Gold Souq: And if you don’t find something sufficiently shiny at one shop, well, you still have plenty more to choose from.
Ibn Battuta Mall: Yes, we know you didn’t travel all this way just to go to the mall, but you’ve never seen a mall like this. The six main courts are designed to mimic the traditional architecture of China, India, Persia, Egypt, Tunisia and Andalusia, making this a step up from your local suburban bastion of department stores and food courts.
Mall of the Emirates: Have you ever gone skiing in a mall before? We didn’t think so.
The beach: With seawater temperatures of 72 in the winter, you might as well pack nothing but a bikini, sarong, and fluffy towel, and get comfortable on the sand.
For more info on visiting Dubai, check out the official Dubai Tourism Site, and for more suggestions of what to do when you get there, check out WikiTravel’s Dubai Travel Guide.

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  1. Dubai frightens me. It’s like this ultra rich new Sodom and Gomorrah land that feels like it should collapse under its own weight. But I am sure it would be absolutely charming as a honeymoon destination.


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