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Sure, it’s a bit off the beaten track in terms of destination European cities, but please, like Bridezilla would send you somewhere overrun with tourists and tacky souvenirs. Lisbon is the new destination for tomorrow’s most daring fashionistas and nouveau club kids. We first caught onto this fabulous city via Travel and Leisure’s clued-in article Lisbon Lights Up, and ever since we’ve been craving a walk down the Rua Augusta.
What else do we love about Lisbon?

Lapa Palace: We’re obviously suckers for anything with palace in the name, but just take a look at that divine exterior; we’d venture that you wouldn’t even have to go in to be satisfied, just look at the place. Once you do go in, though, you’ll be able to experience the fabulous Tower Room suite, the indoor spa, and if you get homesick for something familiar, fine cuisine at Ristorante Hotel Cipriani.
Baixa: We heart Rua Augusta in particular for its selection of shops from Louis Vuitton to the fine Portuguese lacemakers at Madeira House, but frankly we could spend a day or two or three just running around this gorgeous cobblestoned shopping district of Lisbon.
Four Seasons Ritz: Just passing through the fair city of Lisbon? Oh honey, we know how it is. But just because you’re in and out on your way to the next dream destination doesn’t mean you shouldn’t park overnight in a hotel with an indoor pool and spa and an interior decorator whose number we absolutely need on our Blackberry right now. And it’s only twenty minutes from the airport!
Fact: Lisbon has its own fashion week! Who knew? We love Anabela Baldaque’s gorgeous silhouettes and clever patterns.

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