Bridezilla Gets Dressed: RSVP or Else


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Things we love about these Stuart Weitzman RSVP Heels:
1. The color is listed as “Red Quasar,” which sounds really cool and sci-fi but mostly seems to be code for “really smoking hot patent red that will make men fall at your feet.” We can see how that name would be too long, though.
2. The ingenious heel will guarantee that not only will you not be caught wearing any random trendy platform or stiletto, you’ll be actively setting a trend for all wannabe ‘Zillas to emulate. And if there’s anything Bridezilla’s better at than perfectly working a trend, it’s starting new ones.
3. It’s right there in the name! Put these on for mandatory ass-kicking of any guest that has the nerve to make you wait over a week for their gracious acceptances (sending their regrets after you went to all that trouble to come up with the perfect list? They wouldn’t dare). Simply strap on your ruby RSVP slippers and threaten to release the flying monkeys unless they don’t check the box marked ‘Yes’ and get the card in the mail.

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