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The World’s Best Country For Women isn’t a title we’d bestow lightly – but in this case, MSN Lifestyle said so, and we’re going to trust their judgment. From their parliament, where men and women are equally represented, to the “Anti-Sexism Awareness Training” that begins in kindergarten, Sweden had us at “God dag” (that’s Swedish for hello, work with us here).
After you’ve had your consciousness altered by that article, read on for some of our own favorite things about the fair country of Sweden, including the Swedish rock singer goddess to the left there.

Greta Garbo: Backing up diva behavior with actual talent is a trend far past these days, and one we mourn. Garbo managed to get her way, give amazing performances, and in those days before supermarket tabloids, retain a little actual mystery. By the time her career neared its end, she had almost total control over her movies. Now that’s power in Hollywood.
H&M: If you’re lucky enough to live in a city, you’ve probably had access to this fabulous import chain. Sure, it’s hardly haute couture, but with guest collections by everyone from Viktor & Rolf to Karl Lagerfeld, we can cope with clothes that don’t last forever. We’re perfectly happy to live in the now from time to time, thank you!
Astrid Lindgren: By writing the Pippi Longstocking books, Lindgren created a fine heroine for young Bridezillas. Young, strong, assertive, and unconventional, Pippi showed us that we could steamroll right over that “children should be seen and not heard” nonsense, and do it all with fabulous red braids.
The Sounds: The unbearably hot and unquestionably badass lead singer of The Sounds, Maja Ivarsson, first caught our attention on the track Snakes on a Plane (Bring It), holding her own in a button-down jumpsuit and gold heels, but The Sounds’ record Dying To Say This To You is what kept it. We’ve been trying to perfect our Maja-esque growl while singing to our hairbrush in front of the mirror ever since.

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