Bridezilla Gives Back: Donate Your Old Bridesmaid Dresses


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claret.jpg A key identifier of any bridezilla is her keen fashion sense, we all know that. But a little-known fact about bridezillas is that we’re also charitable with it. Like Cher in Clueless, we feel for our less fashionably-inclined sisters, and we want to make sure girls everywhere are well-dressed, and as a corollary to that, able to afford to look good. Now you can combine charity and fashion, and clear out your closet of old bridesmaid dresses, too!

The Glass Slipper Project is a Chicago-based charitable organization that lets you donate your old bridesmaid dresses to girls in need, allowing them to wear your gently-feted gowns to their high school proms (we’ve linked to their page touting similar local organizations for non-midwesterners). Bridezilla thinks this idea is divine – for all the “you’ll wear it again” hoopla, we all know that no matter how slinky that slip of chiffon is, it’s still inextricably linked to long wedding ceremonies, too much champagne, and the bride’s cousin who looked a lot less like Jake Gyllenhaal once the Veuve Cliquot wore off. (Oh, was that just us?) Save yourself some closet space and make prom the event it deserves to be for a lucky girl by donating once the next prom season comes around!

2 thoughts on “Bridezilla Gives Back: Donate Your Old Bridesmaid Dresses”

  1. Here is another place to donate those dresses. Girls! Start cleaning out your closets. Bridesmaid dresses wanted, the good, the bad and the ugly!
    The Bridesmaid Party New Web Boutique Offers Fashion Forward Bridal Apparel & Accessories While Helping Those In Need.
    The Bridesmaid Party along with Hope Craft and Rubia Handwork, both non-profit charities, are striving to empower poverty stricken women in African and Afghanistan. The Bridesmaid Party is also announcing its “Donate Your Dress” program where bridesmaids can donate their gently-worn dress to The Bridesmaid Party and, in exchange, receive a $25.00 shopping credit towards a purchase on the company’s web boutique.

  2. what is the name of the color of this dress? Its beautiful and I cant find a dress of the same color on any other site. Please get back to me.


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