Bridezilla Goes Beyond Church Weddings


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mountains.jpg If you’re going for a secular ceremony, or even just waffling on your choice of churches, you’re probably already considering alternate venues for your wedding. Gone are the days when it was a proper church wedding or nothing; though bridezillas would never dream of a courthouse civil ceremony, there is some charm to the thought of bucking the darkly-lit crucifix-bedecked tradition. Take a look at a few of these venues, and trade organ music for a live band or the simple sounds of the outdoors!

Beach: Oh, we know it’s been done before, but beach doesn’t have to mean destination! If you’re in a coastal state, the shore can be a completely reasonable drive. If not, look up local lakes or even rivers. You can’t fault the scenery – there’s little lovelier than a lakeside reception. Just be sure you have your wedding in the summertime (or keep to warmer climates), so you won’t be missing the crucial sunshine portion of the equation.
Lodge: No, not necessarily a hunting lodge, although those can have a certain plaid charm to them. If you’re in a more mountainous region, consider a local lodge. Often found as meeting places for cabins, lodges tend to be set on mountainsides with glorious views, so even if hiking isn’t your gig, you’ll definitely be able to appreciate the view. It’s perfect for out of town guests, too – look into group deals for cabins, and ensure your guests have an enjoyable mini-vacation while they’re there!
Backyard: Grass and sunshine more your speed than stained glass and Bible-accessorized pews? Stay with us. We obviously don’t mean tiny tufty-grassed suburban backyards here, but if you’ve got a friend or relative with some picturesque acreage to their name, why not take advantage with a gorgeous outdoor wedding? You’ll save a ton of cash (which means more money for a fabulous thank you gift for your land-lender), and with an appropriately sized home or even just a few stand up tents, you can hold a wedding that easily compares to one with a pricey rented venue!
Country club: Are you weary of planning already? Country clubs often offer fantastic wedding packages in addition to the high-class surroundings, so you can count on a catered feast in comfortable luxury, and have the whole event covered from the ceremony to the reception. If your guests are staying locally, you can even arrange a brunch the morning after before you and your sweetheart jet off on your honeymoon. And really, who doesn’t love country clubs?

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