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villa.JPG You know it, even if you’ve never heard of it. From setting the glamorous scene in Gwen Stefani’s music video for Cool to serving as backdrop for the madcap adventures in Ocean’s Twelve, Lake Como has been the go-to destination for jet-setters for centuries.

Packed with gorgeous villas and lakeside restaurants, the Lake Como region contains some of the loveliest scenery you’ll find in Italy, for a completely picture-perfect wedding. Consult the Italian Weddings Guide to destination weddings in Lake Como, but be prepared – once you look, you won’t just want it for your wedding, you’ll want to live there!
Not yet convinced? Here are Bridezilla’s top five reasons for wedding in Lake Como.
1. What with all the films shot there, it’s easy to imagine yourself playing the part of a Bond girl, or a well-dressed jewel thief, or even Queen Amidala (like you wouldn’t happily take her fabulous dress)! Not that we’d go overboard with a theme wedding, by any means, but it’s nice to know we could.
2. George Clooney. What, he has a villa there! It’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility that you might run into him on a quiet street and be swept away into a whirlwind romance that your fiance will totally forgive because hello, it’s George Clooney.
3. The shopping! From local markets to Armani, you’ll have everything available in a venue much more aesthetically pleasing than your local shopping mall.
4. Getting married at a villa. A villa! Come on, how many times in your life will you have the opportunity to even be at a villa?
5. You’ll set a practically unbeatable precedent among your friends and close family. Who would settle for Hawaii after you’ve all been to Bellagio? Not that we’re naturally competitive ladies, us bridezillas, but we’ll take any excuse for a vacation, and if that excuse is a friend one-upping us with a wedding in the Bahamas, who are we to argue?

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