Bridezilla in 2012 – But Until Then, You Decide


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A key identifier of any Bridezilla is her dedication to defending the things she really believes in – whether that’s the number of red roses necessary to create each table centerpiece, the superiority of Vera Wang to every other wedding dress designer, or why she stands behind the candidate of her choice. When it comes to what’s really important, Bridezillas love nothing more than to be informed, and what’s more important than the state of our country? (Unless the wedding is taking place pre-November 2008, in which case focus one important thing at a time, we say.)
This is why we’re excited about you can check out the candidates (including wedding pictures for some of them – bonus) and get at-a-glance looks at who stands for the issues that affect your everyday life. We’re still deciding on who gets our vote in ’08; until then we’ll be reading up on the facts, considering red, white, and blue wedding favors for a fall ’08 wedding, and gazing just a little dreamily at Senator Obama up there. Obama For Change? Obama for Class Cutie, at least.

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