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We admit it, when it comes to our Dream Destinations we’re generally more focused on honeymoon suites and what you can do in two or three weeks. Nevertheless, in between researching the best places to stay and things to do in this week’s destination, Santorini, Greece, we’ve also been spending way too much time clicking dreamily through We’re Bridezillas after all – we can’t help but love a good package.

Where To Stay
Perivolas: Why Perivolas? The pool, the pool, the pool. Other reasons too, but we’ve never felt our infinity pool infatuation stronger than now, and that’s an infatuation that takes us periodically throughout the week and leads to frantic Googling and/or parking the TV on the Travel Channel in hopes of a glimpse. If you’re making the trek to Perivolas, we recommend you go all out and take the Perivolas Suite.
What To Do
Drink wine: Whether you’re up for touring a winery or just in the mood to have a glass or three, the Volcanic soil on Santorini leads to fine grapes which leads to fine wines – what better to sip while you’re gazing over the edge of the infinity pool?
Get some history: Visit a rusty old town when you could be out shopping? No no, stay with us: Akrotiri is really, really cool. Imagine seeing art where it lies, rather than pinned to a museum wall, and get a firsthand view of how the other half lived in 1450 B.C.
Watch the sunset: Santorini’s sunsets are legendary, and a look at that link will show you why. This may be the only time we say this, but with a view like that, you may very well want to skip the shopping and just sit on the deck and drink wine while the sun sets – or, hell, sweetheart, it’s your honeymoon. You can think of something.
For more info and suggestions on what to do in Santorini, visit (pay attention to the food especially – oh, the Mediterranean diet).

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