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It’s true: sometimes after going over budget on the bare necessities of life, like sushi and champagne, we might not have enough bank left in our account for this season’s latest super-sexy yet ultra-comfy Louboutins, leaving us pairing Prada with Payless – oh, dear readers, we can’t even joke, it’s too awful. Pairing Prada with marked-down Betsey Johnsons from the Rack.
That’s why we’re grateful for the adorable Dainty Footings, cushions that make even the most unforgiving stilettos into cloud-like slippers of comfort.

Okay, maybe not. But after a long day of running from appointment to appointment, you can still arrive refreshed and stylish to a five o’clock without hobbling your way in. Anything that gives us back our authoritative Bridezilla stride is A+ for us!

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