Voodoo Dolls: For When Asking Is Simply Too Subtle


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In our ever-expanding search for new things we can spend our money on, we’ve been introduced to the active market of products for everyone’s favorite excuse to feel up strippers: the bachelorette party. This time-honored tradition includes a few things we like (cocktails, attention, parties), and a few things we don’t (anything involving penis-shaped accessories), but as we searched through BachelorettePartyFun.com, we did manage to find a few ways to celebrate the mythical last night of freedom.

In between the penis straws and party beads we found the dreamy little number pictured: the wedding ring shot glass. If we can’t have a rock that actual size, we’ll happily take one we can easily refill with Cuervo.


Once the ceremony is over, keep a new husband voodoo doll around, just in case. With a heart of pushpins, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to make your man act how you want him to act. If it doesn’t work, well, he’ll probably respond pretty well to having his actual body poked with pins.

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