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The Bridezilla of the Month is Hollywood Producer Miss Jennifer Lucas, who just married her love of six years, “Comics Unleashed” cast member Byron Allen. What could be more Bridezilla than a lavish ceremony for 120 guests on the Bel-Aire Hotel Lawn? Only a romantic red-themed reception in the hotel ballroom, including scarlet balloons, loads of crimson roses and a five-tiered wedding cake.
The star-studded guest list included Natalie Cole and Eddie Murphy, and the whole event was planned by famous celebrity wedding planner Mindy Weiss.
What makes this wedding so Bridezilla? For one thing, we love the fact that Lucas is keeping her name, and how for once in Hollywood it’s a man marrying his producer, instead of the other way around (ie Christina, Shania, Janet). Also we love the way she worked a tasteful theme through her wedding (scarlett hues) without being cheesy about it.
Last but not least, Lucas’s wedding ensemble consisted of a white Carolina Herrera strapless creation and one of Bridezilla’s favorite new trends, a ribbon-trimmed veil. Congrats to the happy couple!

2 thoughts on “Bridezilla of the Month: Jennifer Lucas”

  1. Great Aunt Bee and Great Aunt Joyce (with about 4-6 other family members) were seated at TABLE #1…the FIRST TABLE AS YOU WALK IN THE DOOR! She sat her FAMILY in the very back! Oh..I forgot…Eddie Murphy and his entourage of Hollywierd takes priority over family…Jenn gave them better seats. FAMILY FIRST…they are all you have…EVER. What a disappointment…I’m still in shock…must have been her Mom’s idea. If seating was such a problem for the all 120 guests that family had to sit in back…maybe get more tables? It’s not like they couldn’t afford it!

  2. That doesnt shock anyone. Jen is the type of person who forgot where she came from and Hollywood has changed her. She left her friends in Jr and Sr High when she was in the “in crowd”. Where are your true friends now?


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