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Congratulations Miss Maggie Downs of the Desert Sun newspaper! After reading your article on wedding planning this past Sunday, we have decided you are a bona fide bridezilla. Thank you for so articulately voicing the flummoxing conflagration of circumstances that turns the best of brides into bridezillas. Keep reading below for a few astute examples of “Bridezilla Bewares.”

I’ve become a very angry bride-to-be – and not in the stereotypical bridezilla way either.
I’m angry that a bakery charges three times as much for a wedding cake than a regular confection.
I’m angry that flowers cost more than my rent.
And have you seen the extravagant Disney princess wedding dresses, which cost up to $2,900? (But of course they’re pricey. It takes all night for the mice to embroider just one.)
I’m angry that so many people insist there is just one way to demonstrate my love for my partner.
I’m angry that it makes me feel guilty when I don’t want to conform to their ideals.
I’m angry that the most ridiculous things are pitched to me as necessities for the most important day of my life.
I’m angry that this is even referred to as THE Most Important Day of My Life.
Really, shouldn’t that be every day?

Speak on sister, and we won’t even begrudge you that “stereotypical bridezilla” comment. We know that’s just the wedding planning stress talking.

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