Bridezilla's Very Own Ticking Time Bomb err, Wedding Countdown


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Wedding Countdown Timer provided by Bridal Guide

Naturally, when it comes to your wedding, you want your groom to move his tookus. But if the constant refrains of “Move it! “C’mon!” and “Step lively” are putting a slight strain on your relationship, there is a more refined solution. By simply, silently, embedding this wedding countdown on your wedding website, his myspace page, his facebook page, etc. there will be a tiny ticking reminder alerting him at all times how behind he is, and how the minutes are peeling away so he better book that band and plan that honeymoon package asap! Think of it as the equivalent of a tapping Jimmy Choo heel in his head, at all times.
And when he gets home at the end of the day, you, his beautiful Bridezilla, can smile lovingly and hand him a martini, knowing your nagging is being taken care of. While you’re at it, embed it on your personal sites so you can maintain the high level of stress that Bridezillas commonly refer to as “motivation”. Viva technology!

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