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Dive into the dazzling domain of “Wedding Style and Beauty,” where glamour meets grace in the bridal universe! This is where fashion-forward elegance and timeless beauty converge, creating a radiant bridal aura. From the latest trends in wedding gowns to the most divine hair and makeup artistry, every element is designed to accentuate the bride’s personal flair. Revel in the chic, the sophisticated, and the stunning, as we unveil the secrets to achieving the ultimate wedding day look that leaves a trail of awe and enchantment.


Coco Mademoiselle Wedding Inspiration Board


Bathed in diamonds and pearls, wrapped in opulent silks and wearing a heightened air of sophistication, Chanel’s fragrance for the ...

Isabella Blow interviewed with red hat

Before there was Gaga, there was Isabella Blow


Truly inspired flashes of creativity only strike once in a while, that’s why they inspire us so much.  A little ...

The Sebel Pier One in Sydney, Australia

Shop Lucky Brand to Save our Oceans


So many dream of living out their fantasy waterfront wedding, but no one imagines the nightmare of having oily residue, ...

Gloria Swanson and Rachel Zoe in turbans

Silent Era Inspiration


The refined appeal of the silent era has never fully left the masses.  The panache of the jazz age is ...

Natalie Portman in Babette Epaulette

Epaulets: From Military to Everybody


Note from Bridezilla: Street-fashion can stir up wedding inspiration. Look out for Nadine, our Stylezilla and wedding blogger whose uncovering ...

urban unveiled wedding show

How to Find a Wedding Hairstylist – What Every Bride Should Know


Updo. Side do. Which do is your do when it comes to your wedding? That was the question on the ...

Hair Accessories as Art


Take any look, be it casual jeans and tee to all-out night at the opera, and transform it into a ...

Audrey Hepburn Sabrina Givenchy wedding dress

Queen of Style: Black, White and Classic All Over


Audrey Hepburn is one of those icons who inspire many to take a step outside of tradition while holding strong ...

Paramount Studios logo and Marlene Dietrich

Queen of Style: Wedding Venues that Make a Statement


The dress is the shining moment, but unless the venue, the frame for that glorious dress, is equally dazzling the ...

Van Cleef and Arpels (left) and Imagine Nation Photography (right)

Queen of Style: Engaging Engagement Photos


You don’t hear about them much, unless you are actually in the midst of planning a wedding, but engagement photos ...