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Dive into the dazzling domain of “Wedding Style and Beauty,” where glamour meets grace in the bridal universe! This is where fashion-forward elegance and timeless beauty converge, creating a radiant bridal aura. From the latest trends in wedding gowns to the most divine hair and makeup artistry, every element is designed to accentuate the bride’s personal flair. Revel in the chic, the sophisticated, and the stunning, as we unveil the secrets to achieving the ultimate wedding day look that leaves a trail of awe and enchantment.

JLM Couture bridal gown to body type match-up

A Happy Marriage between Your Body and Your Bridal Gown


The single most photographed and scrutinized piece of cloth that will ever adorn your body will likely be the all-mighty ...

Masked Bride in Venice

Queen of Style: Masquerade-inspired Brides


The Renaissance never goes out of style as the fantasy-come-true spirit of Venetian masquerade balls continue to sweep across popular ...

jean harlow cape

Queen of Style: The Grand Capelet


Nothing melds fashion forward with vintage style quite like the capelet.  At once both old school glamour and, depending on ...

Celebrity wedding dresses

Queen of Style: Rebellious Brides


For some brides traditional style just won’t cut it.  Even a few of Hollywood’s glamorous “It” girls have given the ...

Vera Wang Wedding Dress

Fashion Find of the Week: Dramatic Looks


Have you ever flipped through your bridal magazines and thought, “Who in their right mind would wear their hair like ...

Wedding Fashion Find of the Week: Stone Jewelry


Dramatic, chunky jewelery is making it’s way to a wedding near you. It’s not just for hippie chicks or Off ...

Wedding Fashion Finds of the Week: Goddess by Nicole Miller


Every bridezilla wants to look goddess glam on her wedding day. Flowing fabrics paired with gold or silver ropes and ...

Wedding Fashion Finds of the Week: Monique Lhuilier and More


When it comes to weddings, bridezilla is as fashion-forward as they come. So forget about the 2010 wedding season. Let’s ...

Crazy, Cool Centerpieces: Siamese Fighting Fish


Five years ago, I thought goldfish centerpieces were the coolest thing in the wedding world. What did I know? When ...

Swoon List: Kendra Renee Jewelry


Oh you lucky, lucky bridezillas. It is not every day that I see a collection of jewelry that knocks me ...