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Take any look, be it casual jeans and tee to all-out night at the opera, and transform it into a work of art.  The basic ponytail can get an overhaul with the simple addition of a well-thought out accessory.  Instead of a basic bobby pin sweeping the stray locks from your face, tap into your creative side and explore the many avenues of hair art.  Swapping out one standard piece of the outfit puzzle can open up a flood of fresh ideas that may spark vast changes in your life; anything from boosting self-confidence to channeling a new level of daily ingenuity.

Leather and Lace – Mixed Medium Art

Strong leather, delicate lace and a smattering of eye-catching studs come together in a rich and styled aesthetic that is more polished than tough.  The blended textures are so becoming you could easily wear them from a family brunch to an art house showing without batting an eye; it all lies in the confidence of the wearer.

Jennifer Behr brings forth “21st century crowns.”  Fashioned by hand, these dazzling show-stoppers have been popping up on celebrities left and right.  The Lace Voilette with Spider Web is featured on the left with the Studded Voilette on Leather Headband taking the spotlight on the right.

Jennifer Behr voilette headbands

Ka-Pow! – Pop Art

Channel the 1960s with this Lichtenstein-style, comic book-inspired, pop art fascinator.  Not for the shrinking violet, these sparkling statements bring out the animated personality of those who dare to wear them.  For maximum impact, layer the artful piece over a vibrant wig or take the opportunity to tread into cosmetic overload territory.

Etsy artist Janine Basil is the life behind these power-packed pieces.  Delivering a bold punch of energy to any outfit, the funky hair trophies found in Janine’s shop are an amusing way to liven up your wardrobe.

Janine Basil pop art fascinators

The Chain Gang – Industrial Art

Make your hair feel hardcore by draping your head in chains.  Dial up the rock’ n’ roll as you bring on an air of gritty roughness; a flavor of the underground nightlife.  Add ultra-cool to any outfit by bringing it to street level with edgy metallic accents.

The designing sisters of Litter SF, Rachael Mann and Mackenzie Burdick, are the mistresses of all things metal.  Through upcycled jewelry, their line offers eco-friendly, yet street chic finds for anyone looking to complement their style with a bit of grungy glam.

Litter SF chain jewelry

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