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urban unveiled invisible hostess signature cocktails

There are wedding shows. And then there are WEDDING SHOWS.  Urban Unveiled is definitely deserving of an all-caps shout out. First – let’s discuss the theme: Woodland Glamor.  An enchanting forest dropped right in the middle of Seattle.   Every detail was executed flawlessly from the model in her monarch butterfly dress to the ever-so scrumptious h’orderves (mini-paninis, duck confit, caviar, need we say more?) that wow’d our palates.

In short, this wedding show earned the title “best wedding show ever” and more details will follow.

Urban Unveiled tips and trends:

1. Don’t dare wear stilettos

Bridezilla certainly understands a girl’s need to show off her slim, post-bridal bootcamp gams. But please, when you go to a wedding show, wear shoes you can stand comfortably in for hours.  Minutes after arriving to Urban Unveiled,  we witnessed a  sophisticated soon-to-be-bride topple over and perform a face-plant in the concrete entryway. Not a pretty sight. And by the end of the night I had to remove my own pinching peep toes and walk around in my tights like I was at a high school dance.

2. Ice sculptures are super expensive. But super cool.

Ice Sculptures by Creative Ice

It’s time to start thinking about winter wonderland weddings, so I briefly interrogated Steve Cox, an ice artist from Creative Ice. This martini ice sculpture will hold your signature cocktail and your guests can fill up again and again with it’s spout.  Definitely a conversation piece. Definitely more hip than chocolate fountains. But it costs $1,000 and will soon melt away. If you’re searching for something within your ever-tightening budget, the ice sculpture centerpieces (shown above) are somewhat affordable at $85. The only draw back? The smaller sculptures have to be ordered in pairs.

How do they get the calla lily inside the ice? Well… if we told you, we’d have to kill you.

3. Signature cocktails are stirring up weddings across America.

urban unveiled invisible hostess signature cocktails
Cocktails by The Invisible Hostess

The signature cocktail: elegant, upscale, and memorable (unless you drink too many).  The idea isn’t new. It’s probably been around since cocktail hour started in the 60s. But the tasty trend is definitely on an upswing. Let the Invisible Hostess and her stylish bartenders take care of your signature cocktail set up, take down, and everything in-between.

Cocktail suggestion for winter/ fall weddings: Go with the classic Something Blue or make a splash with red apple sangria or grasshopper hot coco.

4. Cupcakes are still in. Mini-pies are freakin’ delicious. And dessert bars are the new candy buffet.

We asked Layer Cake if cupcakes were still on the “IN” list. They replied with a quizzical  “YES,” as if I just asked if Obama was still President.  So there you have it. Macaroons and mini-pies have not replaced the too-cute frosted confections. But the new thing to do is offer a full dessert bar with macaroons, mini-pies, petite wedding cakes, and cupcakes.

Forget the so-sugary-it’s-sickening candy buffet. What could be more fitting for a fall wedding than bite-sized pumpkin or apple pies?

5. “Good food is more important than ambiance.”

When we asked the Tom Douglas caterers which was more important: good food or impressive ambiance, we weren’t surprised when they picked food (c’mon – it’s Tom Douglas!).  But caterers across the country now use cuisine  to create drama, such as the case with this tantalizing sea food bar.  Please don’t buy an octopus, plop it in the middle of a table and call it a centerpiece. The  iced seafood bar is key (and keeps the fish from stinking up your wedding).

Bridezilla expert tip: “If you’re going to go with a seafood bar, your guests are going to expect 0ysters and mussels,” said Alexis Berry sales manager from Tom Douglas catering.

6. Brides are “sick of strapless,” and so are we. Let’s hear it for the new neckline.

urban unveiled luly yang couture
Luly Yang bridal gowns

Experts from Luly Yang, a couture dress designer were happy to let us in on a few bridal fashion secrets. According to our anonymous insider, “Brides are sick of strapless. This isn’t their mother’s gown or their grandmother’s gown. This is their wedding gown, so expect to see a lot of brides striving for completely unique wedding dresses.”  Our fashion expert, Stylezilla will be reviewing trends from the fashion show in an upcoming post.

For now, let your eyes flutter over this monarch butterfly dress, an exclusive Luly Yang design:

butterfly dress luly yang
Our resident groomzilla poses next to butterfly girl

7. Friends, food, and free wine make wedding shows more fun

Can’t get groomie to a wedding show? Lure him in with the promise of unlimited wine and mouth watering mini-pies.  Or just go with your gaggle of girls. The free wine alone, as well as the chance to get up close and personal with June Bug weddings made this wedding show well-worth the trip.

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