Cool Wedding Sites in Crappy Towns, Part Trois


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The third installment of our Cool Wedding Sites in Crappy Town Series proves that Bridezilla doesn’t have to travel across the pond to feel like a princess. This fairytale castle brings back the magic of Medieval Times. Unlike with Cinderella’s castle at Disney World, there’s nothing tacky or cliche about this locale. It is truly a dream come true for a Renaissance-themed wedding.
Without further ado….
“Repunzle, Repunzle let down your hair.” This castle, built in 1892 was the home of Charles and Kate Eisenbeis. A picturesque English rose garden, white-capped mountains, and a beautiful bay comprise the storybook surroundings. The library, with it’s lavish drapery and rich wood-paneled walls evokes Victorian times. And every bridezilla will picture herself entertaining rich society types in this castle’s banquet hall. Best of all, the honeymoon suite is cradled within the tower and boasts incredible views. Now that’s room service!

Since this castle sits among mountain peaks, you probably guessed Germany or Switzerland. It’s actually the Manresa Castle, located in Port Townsend, Washington! Don’t let the words “crappy town,” deter you from this wedding site. Port Townsend is a small town with rows of quaint Victorian homes and breathtaking views of the Puget Sound.
As for the castle, in 1927 Jesuit priests used it as a monastery and decades later, it was purchased and turned into a hotel. If you host your wedding at the Manresa Castle prepare for uninvited guests. Legend has it, a woman flung herself out the window of room 306 after her lover stood her up. She now haunts the castle grounds. If you see your Bridezilla kindred spirit, be sure to offer her some champagne to pacify her.

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