Wedding Insurance:Cheaper than Bail, Bounty Hunters, and Karate Lessons


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Thumbnail image for rain.jpg>Let’s face it, no matter how severely Bridezilla reprimands that rainstorm, even she cannot always cajole the perfect weather on her wedding day. And no matter how many exclamation points she inserts into her online travel reservation, she cannot ensure that the honeymoon flight will be on time. Rather than standing around shaking a fist and grumbling “whyioughtaa” to the sky, just buy some wedding insurance and show those unforeseen events who’s boss!
Don’t think of wedding insurance as another annoying pile of papers. Think of it as your personal attorney, advocating in writing when you’re hoarse from screaming. The good news is, wedding insurance is surprisingly much cheaper than an attorney, running from $125-500 for some plans, and can cover all of the following:
Wedding Dress Damage-Wedding insurance can cover a repair or replacement wedding gown and tux if the baggage goes AWOL or the Best Man gets fall-down drunk all over your Monique Lhullier at the rehearsal dinner.
Lost Deposits-Bridezilla has been hearing many disturbing reports about fraudulent vendors cheating brides out of deposits and such, going bankrupt, or just not showing up. Wedding insurance reimburses those deposits and saves you from having to hire a bounty hunter named Moose. Bonus!
Lost Rings-If the canary diamond goes down the drain after a particularly woozy bout of Chardonnay drinking with the bridesmaidzillas, you don’t have to buy a fake to hide it from the groom. Wedding insurance can help replace or repair your precious rock if you lose it-or if that cushion diamond turns out to be cubic zirconia. Yikes!
A few more things wedding insurance can cover includes botched transportation, ruined photos, a groom or bride called to duty, or sudden illness. Remember, the average bride hopes for a perfect wedding day, a Bridezilla insures it. Get a free estimate on wedding insurance and guarantee a blissful wedding day is in the bag.

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