Flora Fondant Wedding Cake Spectacular


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It’s a little-known fact that Bridezillas are hard-wired to love two things: sugar and flowers. No, not pedestrian checkout aisle billion-calorie candy bars or wilted-edge hospital gift shop carnations; we like our sugar pure and flowers fabulous, and we like best when the two are combined for one of the wedding world’s finest creations, the sugar flower, most often seen on that treasure of fondant indulgence, the wedding cake.

Initially inspired by the cake pictured above from InStyle Wedding’s 25 Great Cakes feature, we went on a search for the source. The phrase “cascade of sugar orchids” got us as excited as the phrase “rolling around on a bed topped with satin sheets and hundred dollar bills” does, and it turns out it’s much easier to attain with a simple visit to the master cakesmiths at Colette Foley Weddings (check out those perfectly sculpted calla lily curls!).
Take a look at these close-ups; if they don’t inspire you to switch out your wedding cake plants to something more floral, you’ll at least leave with the urge to hit the bakery.
Fall Florals:


Red & White Blooms:


Twining Roses:



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