Wedding Flick Of the Week: 27 Dresses


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This week’s wedding flick “27 Dresses” stars Bridezilla’s beloved Katherine Heigl as a 27-time bridesmaid. While we think this has the potential to be a fabulous premise, the same person who ruined the Devil Wears Prada film adaptation is working their corny magic on another concept that could have been quite cool. Paging Aline Brosh Mckenna, must all of your screenplays include some slapstick moment like a cellphone being tossed in a fountain by a newly independent young woman, or, in this case, a bridesmaid getting knocked unconscious by a bouquet? We don’t even see how that’s possible, unless it was this one. Another pet peeve of ours is when bombshell gorgeous actresses like Heigl try and disguise themselves as the mousy understudy type, aka Julia Roberts in My Best Friend’s Wedding. Ludicrous. Anyway, the only reason to watch this pathetic trailer is for the bang at the end where Heigl screams something about “having hot hate sex with whomever I want.” Bridezilla can’t help but wonder, what in Hades is this”hot hate sex?” Have any bridezillas out there had it, and is there hazing involved? Bridezilla is dying to know, so please post if you have the haps, skinny, 411, or whatever else you kids are saying these days. If you’re in the market for a hot spinster date, this bummer of a movie debuts January 11, 2008. Bridezilla dares you to wear your bridesmaid dress.

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