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Copacabana, Carnaval, and beach bodies so tanned and perfect you’d think the entire city was an ad for a fitness magazine – welcome to Brazil, querida (that’s Portuguese for darling, darlings). We hear Brazil has fabulous forests and mountains to explore, but since our Jimmy Choos disagree with that sort of terrain we prefer to stick to the safer areas. What can we say? Gorgeous beaches and good food just make us feel secure.

Where to stay:
Copacabana Palace: (pictured) Located in Rio’s glamorous Zona Sul, this luxury hotel has all the things we like going for it: penthouse suites, a Cipriani restaurant, and “Palace” in the name. Quite simply, it’s the best place to stay in Rio. And where else would a bridezilla stay but at the best?
What to do:
Go to the beach: You’re in Brazil – get out that Burberry bikini you’ve been calorie-counting to fit into and head to Copacabana or Ipanema. Some of the Zona Sul beaches aren’t the safest for swimming, but who wants to fight the waves when you could be checking out Brazil’s young, tanned elite?
Eat good Brazilian steak: Porcao is the best for the genuine article, so if the Groomzilla insists on marring your beach-perfect body with something other than Caesar salads (dressing on the side, please), indulge in style at this Grade A churrascaria.
Drink: If you’ve found yourself unable to stop imbibing caipirinhas, hit Rio’s famed Garota de Ipanema – yes, named after the bossa nova hit, and for good reason. There’s no better place in Rio to watch the girls go by. (On second thought, maybe you and the husband should stay at the hotel bar.)
Brazil Fashion Week: The sign of any civilized nation, Brazil has its own fashion week for the latest in shape-defining beachwear and clothes to take you from the club to Carnavale. We’re ready for Cantao to hit these shores yesterday.

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