Friday Photo Fun with Bridezilla


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Bridezilla likes to fill her Fridays with wedding eye candy. There’s no better way to start the weekend! Check out GroomStand’s selection of 28 wedding photos. Here’s a mere glimpse:
funny wedding photo.jpg
photo 2.jpg
Comment below with funny captions. Head to to their full list of 28 crazy, beautiful wedding photos. And send your best wedding photos to [email protected] with “bridezilla picture” in the subject line. We’ll feature your photo in an upcoming Friday Photo Fun with Bridezilla!

3 thoughts on “Friday Photo Fun with Bridezilla”

  1. the silhouette picture is really unique 🙂 really funny wedding photos. its nice to see that weddings doesn’t have to be so serious all the time, serious about the relationship yes but ceremony make it fun!! 😀

  2. is this for real? since when is a mushroom slap photo worthy? i never knew it was beautiful to have a big cock on your head while getting ready for your wedding…lol…nice SHOT! LOL


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