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Outdoor Wedding

You’ve got your heart set on wine country weddings. You’ve been pining over the perfect wine country bed and breakfast for the past year and you know you MUST have your wedding on their beautiful vineyard grounds. Brace yourself my dear bride to be! Outdoor weddings can be tricky, which is no doubt why they’re so incredibly phenomenal if they’re pulled off right. Follow these tips to make sure your outdoor wedding is everything you’ve been dreaming of and planning for!

Outdoor Wedding
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Keep your guests comfy

Be mindful of the weather conditions on your big day. Will it be a sunny and hot summer wedding or a chilly and windy fall ceremony? If you’re planning a wedding during warm weather don’t leave your guests sweating it out like they’re at a sweat lodge.

Offer lots of water, sunscreen, and paper fans so guests can cool themselves during the ceremony. If it’s going to be really warm consider renting large fans and a tent to shade your guests from the elements. If you’re planning an autumn ceremony remind guests with an insert in your invitations to bring layers. Provide blankets that coordinate with your wedding colors and rent portable heaters to keep everyone toasty warm.

Be prepared with a backup plan

Do you know what you’ll do if the skies part and rain starts pouring from the clouds? Consider renting a tent for those ‘what if’ moments or have a backup location on standby. Be prepared for a soggy rain-soaked ground and lots of muddy shoes if it rains.

Wind is a factor to consider

Wind often goes overlooked, which means it’s one of the elements that can send a bride into a wedding day frenzy. Avoid light fabrics that blow easily in the wind and make sure you tell your hairstylist your wedding is outdoors so she can style your hair accordingly. Avoid any decorations or props that can blow away or topple over in the event of strong gusts.

Water, water, water

Booze dehydrates everyone and you’re guests are double subjected to dehydration if they’re celebrating outdoors, so make sure to avoid any messy incidents by providing lots of fresh water.

Shoo fly

Bugs are part of the outdoor experience. Avoid creepy crawly wedding crashers by setting out citronella and consider offering bug spray to your guests if you’re dealing with mosquito’s or other bugs.

Make sure your guests can hear the ceremony

A lot of sounds will be absorbed in the outdoor elements. You may want to rent a sound system with small microphones to ensure that your guests can hear your ‘I do’s’. You’ll definitely need them if you’re having the ceremony recorded.

This post was written by Sarah Swift, a Las Vegas based content writer. Her latest topics of interest include outdoor weddings and wine country bed and breakfast locations. 

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