Is it You? 12 Signs you're the Daughter-In-Law from Hell


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When you and your soon-to-be were mere boyfriend and girlfriend, his mom couldn’t be more friendly. But once she saw that 3-carat ring on your finger, she turned from the sweet future mother-in-law to the monster m-i-l from hell (and several stereotypical romantic comedies).
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This Newsweek article about mistakes Mother- and Daughter-In-Laws make made us wonder…is it us? Or them? Stay tuned for 12 signs it’s you!

12 signs you’re the big bad bridezilla daughter-in-law

  1. You conveniently forgot to call her on her birthday — every single year you’ve known her
  2. When she gave you her secret family recipes, you ripped them up and said “He has a new family now and won’t be needing these.”
  3. You roll your eyes so much when she’s around; they’re permanently stuck that way
  4. You write in your photographer’s contract that under no circumstances to let “that beast” into the wedding photos
  5. You refuse to leave her alone with her grown son, as if they’re going to plot murder in your absence
  6. You call her “the old bag” behind her back
  7. You “accidentally broke” that hideous serving tray she gave you
  8. You audibly snickered when she said, “welcome to the family”
  9. You won’t let her bad taste ruin the wedding. So you took the scissors to her mother-of-the-groom dress
  10. You tried to turn your other in-laws against her (as if that would ever work)
  11. You convinced your fiance that his own mother brainwashed him from the time he was born just to get out of family holidays
  12. You almost resorted to physical violence during a heated debate about whether your fiance should wear black socks with his white sneakers (never!)

The world is filled with malevolent mother in laws. But the world is also filled with hyper-defensive daughter-in-laws. For the sake of a smooth marriage, don’t be mean to your mother-in-law, unless she really is a monster – we’re talking to you, bridezilla Karee!

1 thought on “Is it You? 12 Signs you're the Daughter-In-Law from Hell”

  1. Hey, I came across this blog on the internet because I am getting married in April and I find a lot of this very useful and funny at the same time. I refused to talk to my ex about marriage or anything related to it for our whole relationship (5 years) because I did not want to marry into a family that was so nuts with a mother who was absolutely a jealous monster. I am so glad I did too because after I just couldn’t take it anymore and saw that there was no future in that. I broke up with him and soon after met the true love of my life who is the absolute best and who I am head over heels in love with and does not have a monster as a mother. I find the best thing to do is just to be friendly but keep your distance and get to know the family slowly but surely. It’s weird because for a while in the past I thought I might be the monster, but it so wasn’t true because this woman had the same falling out with her daughter-in-law which is why she never spoke to any of her other sons. This is the monster you need to avoid at all costs. There is seriously something wrong if her own sons don’t even talk to her or call her or anything because of the way she is. I don’t even want to think back on all the endless fights we had about his mother.


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