It's (Always) A Nice Day For A White Handbag


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There’s a certain cachet to the white handbag that we just can’t get enough of – like a good pair of white trousers, it says you’re ladylike, but also rich and fearless. After all, what’s more difficult to take care of than a white handbag that you carry everywhere? (A child, maybe. Hand us a child in a white handbag and we’re helpless.) Carrying an expensive bag in glorious bridal white marks you as part of the leisure class, and we do love leisure. Please, getting our bags dirty? Darling, that would require ever having any contact with dirt.

The Fendi Grand Borghese

We’re not sure how it works, but somehow anything emblazoned with a horse emblem is suddenly 70% classier – hell, we even feel kind of cool eating Pepperidge Farm Milanos. This gorgeous Fendi bag (pictured above) comes in delicious shades of cinnamon and ebony as well, but we love the simplicity of the white, especially with the clever trompe l’oeil buckles and braids on the front. Class with a sense of humor, just like us? We’ll take it.

The Stam

Model Jessica Stam’s namesake bag has hung on to the national consciousness for years, despite the flood of Canal Street fakes and MJ-toting New Jersey teens that followed in the wake of its debut. But can you really blame us for coming back for more? The combination of white quilted leather and that thick gold chain is simultaneously professional fashionista and rock and roll. We say sling this over your shoulder, perfect your cat-eye black eyeliner, and pretend you’re living a Juergen Teller shoot.

The Icon East/West

If your style tends more toward Miami Beach than the East Village, embrace the delicious excess of this glamtastic Versace satchel. Donatella Versace embodies the over-tanned too-blonde luxury of the oceanside crowd and still makes it appealing for city girls and Bridezillas on the go. Slam this down on your wedding planner’s desk and she’ll believe you when you say you really do want six hundred gold-dipped real roses for your reception or you’ll be looking elsewhere for wedding help.

The LV Suhali Lockit GM

A Louis Vuitton that isn’t in our favored Damier check? Hey, we’ve got range, you know! We like different things. Different expensive things. Different expensive things by really important designers. So we’ll gladly accept this pretty White Suhali. What can we say? We’re simple Bridezillas with simple needs.

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