Wednesday Name Brand Pronunciation: Issey Miyake


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Issey Miyake
iss-ee me-yah-kee
Mmm, freesia-licious.
If you know the name, it’s probably through the multiple namedrops the iconic men’s perfume has received from artists like Jay-Z and the Pet Shop Boys. This Japanese designer started off stunning the industry with his daring new ideas of using one piece of fabric to create clothes, and later the movement “Pleats Please”, which brought a whole new technique to the process of pleating. We’re nuts about the fragrance L’Eau d’Issey (pictured), which catapulted the designer into the spotlight in 1992 and has kept him there ever since. It’s a perfect way to add a little spice to your ensemble without having to fully commit to looks like this.
Your options for buying Issey online are limited, with YOOX being one of the only options. New Yorkers get the Tribeca Issey Miyake store, and if there’s a piece you absolutely need, orders can be made over the phone! Favor the scents? Sephora has you covered.

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