Monday Bridezilla Bites


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Decidedly Uncomplicated lets us in on 2008’s hottest catering trends. We say mmm, vegetarian food (like the ginger and pistachio roasted peaches from Sesame Catering, pictured).

The Polka Dot Bride has us contemplating our preferred diamond shapes this morning. Conclusion: so long as it comes in a blue box, surprise us!

Epic faux pas, Britney – as if dating your own paparazzi weren’t enough, now you’re re-wearing your old wedding dress? You’re doing these things just to hurt us, aren’t you?

Have you offended anyone with your wedding plans yet? Consult Manolo’s rundown of potentially controversial wedding choices and get on it.

2 thoughts on “Monday Bridezilla Bites”

  1. Poor Britney’s becoming a horror film that’s completely terrifying but yet I can’t turn it off.
    Now go finish counting down the ten weird brides! Seriously, I’m waiting for it!


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