Weird Wedding Photo #5: Amore A La Addams Family


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Many Bridezillas cite Marilyn Monroe as their wedding muse. Others, such as bride Jessicka Fodera, prefer Marilyn Manson. But Jesicka’s no rocker wannabe-this real-deal Bridezilla sang back-up for Marilyn Manson before deciding to have possibly the most Gothic wedding we’ve ever heard of in our lives-and is based in Seattle!

How so? Not only did Jesicka rock the black wedding gown trend we told you about, but the couple’s “flower girl” was a pink-haired drag queen and their wedding favors included a cuckoo clock, a mannequin head, and a ceramic aorta. Doll parts, dahling! Oh, and the Addams Famly reference? Not euphemistic. The forward-thinkers decided to choose an entirely new surname to accompany their new marriage, and Addams was the obvious choice. We think this idea is kind of interesting…

Also adding to the weirdness of this wedding is the fact that the officiant is dressed as a giant rabbit. Is this because rabbits are big, white, fluffy symbols of austere innocence, the white wedding gown of the Animal Kingdom? Uhh, no. It’s because the bride and groom plan to hump like bunnies, or as Jessicka put it, because rabbits are “a symbol of fertility.”

The err, avant garde nature of this wedding was offset by surprisingly astute vows, in which Bridezilla Jessika promised to love groom Christian “in sorrow and insanity” and her Groomzilla promised to never try to “restrain” her in any way. Sigh…millennial marriage….it just makes you misty, doesn’t it? Also adding to this wedding’s chic factor was the attendance of beautiful Bridezilla Dita Von Teese! A gothic wedding with an A-list guest list? Bridezilla says, why not?!

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