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A big shout-out to our honorary Bridezilla pick from the red carpet last night, Miss Marion Cotillard. A vision in a scaly white creation by John Paul Gaultier, it really doesn’t get more Bridezilla than this. Or does it? Witness this excerpt from Cotillard’s adorable backstage speech “It feels so good. I’m totally overwhelmed with joy and sparkles and fireworks and everything that goes bom-bom-bom.” Welcome to our world sister.

The Times Uk reminds us that Friday is annual Propose-to-your-Feller Day, aka “Leap Year.” Go ahead, put him out of his misery and make an honest Groomzilla out of him already. All his friends got engaged forever ago!

Bridezilla’s brill advice on avoiding wedding rip-offs linked on NBC.

When life hands you a house fire, make handbag sculptures. Check out the fabulous British Sculptress Debra Bean doing just that over at Couturious. See why this rising star is a favorite of A-list UK celebs like her Madgesty Madonna.

Let the wedding planning frenzy begin! Real Simple reports that the period between Christmas and Valentine’s Day is the most popular time to get engaged. And just in case you need to beat the odds in the off-season, Bridezilla’s here for you with her guide on inducing i do.

The New York Times discusses whether you should dress like a whore at your wedding.

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