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top 100 wedding blogs.jpgHappy Monday! Celebrate with our small plates and bachelor-party poll. First things first, bridezilla wants to boast a little. We made’s Top 100 Wedding Blogs to Follow in 2009. It brings attention to the best bridal blogs and we’re honored to be on the list. Check it out and see which bridal blogs you should be following in 2009.
TV fans should Scoop this delicious little secret. An ABC insider confirmed that Lost and Grey’s Anatomy will film wedding episodes. The article hints that Grey’s Derek and Meredith will finally take the plunge and that the wedding will happen on May 7 – in celebration of the show’s 100th episode. Another insider confirms that Lost is currently filming a wedding episode that will air during the show’s two-hour finale on May 13. Comment below with your predictions!
Bridezilla wants to know: Have you set “rules” for his bachelor party? Are you laissez faire when it comes to your guy or do you plan to wear a wig and spy? Some bridezillas set serious ground rules – like no strippers within 100 feet – while others could care less. Take our Monday poll and voice your opinion.
Have you set rules for the bachelor party?
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