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Oh you lucky, lucky bridezillas.

It is not every day that I see a collection of jewelry that knocks me off my Jimmy Choos, let alone one special enough that I would deem it worthy of my wedding day.

Because, let’s face it. Diamonds are a girls best friend, but how many best friends can a girl wear at once? Diamonds dripping everywhere sounds lovely, but when attention goes to the rocks in your ears and not the one on your finger, alarm bells should be ringing. That is a # 1 ‘zilla no-no.

Thus I introduce Kendra Renee Jewelry, exquisite and extraordinary works in metal.

Aisle-Worthy Wedding Day Jewelry

Lotus Post Earring by Kendra Renee Jewelry

How are these not the most perfect Big Day earrings? Graceful and
light. Sophisticated. Classy. Delicate. Eye-catching. Make your
earlobes look lovely.

Each piece in the artist’s repertoire is entirely hand
made, constructed from sheets of silver and wire into fantastic works
of art. That means that each piece is individual and unique. You can
bet your bippy that no other bride will be adorned with the an
identical piece of jewelry – which I know is one of your worst wedding
day nightmares.

Droplet Collection by Kendra Renee Jewelry

An Exclusive Bridezilla Deal

I said you were lucky, didn’t I? Kendra Renee Jewelry is hosting a
special deal for bridezillas who understand the risk of letting
bridesmaids choose their own jewelry.

  • If you order 3 – 4 pieces, you get 20% off
  • If you order 5 – 9 pieces, you get 35% off
  • If you order 10 or more pieces, you get 50% off

I’m getting mild heart palpitations at just the idea of such an elegantly clad wedding party.
Contact the artist to find out more.

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